Multiple Downlight

Surface Mounted LED Light is perfect for projects where recessed lights are not possible. You can easily install them to surfaces such as brick or concrete where traditionally an oyster light fitting would be required. Bright and comfortable, it features amazing illumination with minimal power consumption. Perfect for general lighting in waiting areas or other interior spaces.


Surface downlight surface mounted downlight       Power   Dimension  
      7W   ⦰55mm x H100mm  
      10W   ⦰75mm x H 130mm  
      15W   ⦰94mm x H150mm  
      20W   ⦰115mm x H160mm  
      30W   ⦰142mm x H162mm  

Square Surface downlight Square surface downlight       Power   Dimension  
      7W   55*55mm x H120mm  
      15W   75*75mm x H160mm  
      20W   95*95mm x H160mm  
      30W   115*115mm x H162mm  

Surface downlight Surface downlight       Power   Dimension  
      2 x 6W    55mm*105mmx H120mm  
      2 x 10W   75mm*145mm x H95mm  
      2 x 15W   75mm*75mm x H140mm