As a highly innovative manufacturer with product ranges across most industries, we are able to design and customise products for specific purposes, ensuring the highest quality solution to virtually any lighting problem. At Spectrum de Haus, we are committed to developing emerging state-of-the-art LED technologies that are not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution that has a lower lifetime cost whilst improving productivity.



Quality   R&D
All of our LED lighting products are manufactured with the highest quality assurance. As a quality manufacturer, we control the products that we supply, with all going through rigorous design and testing prior to delivery.  

We have an extensive and talented research and development team who are continuously working towards revolutionising LED light solutions to be better, brighter and use less power to operate.

Customer Service   Sustainability

Our customer services are second to none. We always strive to provide superior customer service, no matter the lighting requirement or problem to solve. We are dedicated and here to help ensure the best solutions are being considered.

  The environment is always top of mind for everything that we do. Our LED solutions are exceptionally environmentally friendly with high luminous efficiency, no toxic fluorine, lead, mercury, nor argon, also they are non flicker and most importantly completely recyclable.